Gender Roles In Juvenile Delinquency

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Finally, the correlation between running away from home and the ensuing role of female juvenile delinquents participating in the sex trade is a major part of the patriarchal issues involving criminal behaviors. In the 2000s and into the 2010s data has been gathered by the FBI and other U.S. governmental agencies that show a determined link between the discrepancy of male and female juvenile delinquents, which often link girls with less aggressive and violent crimes than the boys. These developments define the overarching increase in gender-related issues that make girls and young women more vulnerable to passively orientated crimes. In many cases, female delinquents often become the victims of males within the home and outside of the home in …show more content…
The historical evaluation of gender roles in juvenile delinquency has been defined in order to show the discrepancies between male and female crimes in American society. In many cases, the overt dominance of patriarchal values in the home and in criminal culture define the disproportionate aspects of masculine/aggressive behaviors by males that often counter the passive/submissive of females in terms of causality in delinquency rates. More so, the correlation between female delinquency in terms of running away from home and criminal activity involving prostitution define some of the glaring discrepancies of predominantly male-based violent crimes. In some cases, males have been known to run away from home, but the higher statistical findings of female runaways defines a correlation to the patriarchal influence of male abusers within the home as a cause for female delinquency in terms of status offenses. In this patriarchal domestic sphere, it is not surprising that the data suggested a gender correlation to the role of female delinquents as victims of the male dominant sex trade industry. Therefore, prostitution is a more common affectation of juvenile females that define the correlation of male abuse in the home, and the arrests made for young women that have become indoctrinated into prostitution. These are critical findings that suggest the gender-based discrepancies of masculine/aggressive arrest related to male juveniles in contrast to the submissive/passive crimes of female delinquents that become involved in the patriarchal sex trade. These are the primary aspects of gender roles that define the causality and extenuating criminal circumstances of female delinquency in terms of the patriarchal values of modern American

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