Juvenile Crimes And Its Effects On Your Child 's Future Essay

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What to Do When Your Child is Facing Criminal Charges
Youngsters can be hooligans. We all know this. Whether it’s accidentally dinging the car, staying out past curfew, or stealing a few cookies from the cookie jar, kids of any age know how to get into trouble and do the things they shouldn’t. But when their trouble involves law enforcement, that’s when things can get stressful, for you and your family.
Juvenile crimes are nothing to shake a stick at. They can result in serious consequences and have a negative impact on your child’s future, both professionally and criminally.
There are some key things to know before moving forward. First, every state, including Arizona, has a separate court that deals solely with juvenile crimes, and juvenile issues at large. Depending on the nature of the crime and charges, the prosecutor can elect the court of prosecution. For instance, although criminal speed is a misdemeanor, the prosecutor can choose to prosecute the matter in the juvenile or the adult court.
Though the charges may be comparable to adult charges, the actual proceedings are vastly different from that which occurs in adult court. You are normally required to appear for court appearances. When in juvenile court, the probation department and counselors may take active roles in any court proceeding. In addition, the proceedings normally take more court time as the court must educate the juvenile and the parents, and often will also seek the input of probation.

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