Juvenile Crime Is Becoming More And More Of An Issue Essay

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A rise in juvenile crime is becoming more and more of an issue in the present day. The only way to resolve this problem is to start sanctioning violent juveniles as adults. Juveniles should be able to be charged as adults in court because they commit violent crimes, they know the difference between right and wrong, communities would be safer, and juveniles would be deterred from committing crimes in the present and the future. Even though they are younger, juveniles are just as capable of committing the same violent crimes as adults. When they do, juveniles should receive the same sentence for committing the same crime. Juveniles know the basics of right and wrong, and therefore know that violent crimes like murder are wrong. Teenage criminals should be subject to adult sentences for the adult crimes they commit (Reynolds). Because some youth think they cannot be charged as adults, they commit violent crimes without thinking first (Estudillo). Teens that commit crimes have not felt tough enough consequences, which is why they continue to have out of control behavior. Teens that act like this are used to dealing minor consequences that do not teach them to do better next time. The violent crimes today’s teens commit are not punished enough through an outdated juvenile court systems that was designed to handle small crimes like truancy, shoplifting, and vandalism (Estudillo). In the past, it was less common and less socially acceptable for juveniles to commit crimes. The…

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