Justice And Mercy : God Work Of Grace Essay

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Justice and Mercy

Our understandings of justice and mercy are greatly influenced by our views of Jesus and redemption. Through texts like “Gods Work of Grace”, “A Spectrum of Views: Traditional Christian Responses to the Holocaust”, and verses in the books of Luke and Isaiah, we see a variety of different viewpoints that shed light on this topic.
A good starting point in understanding our views of justice and mercy is in the book of Luke. In this story we hear about Jesus approaching a few men who were traveling to another village and were talking about Jesus not being in the tomb. Jesus approaches them and converses with them about what they are talking about. It isn’t until the men invite him to join them at supper that they realize that he truly is Jesus. Jesus states, “Oh how foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have declared!” (Luke 24:25) Despite the men not recognizing who he is, Jesus still opens up to them and allows them to experience his company and proof that he really was the Son of God. This is a true sign of mercy and is all about inclusion over exclusion despite their weak faith where they didn’t recognize him.
Another viewpoint that is important and also relates to the Last Supper is “A Spectrum of Views: Traditional Christian Responses to the Holocaust”. This text stresses the importance of Christians and Jews working coming together to promise a better future for both religions post-Shoah. We see opinions from Dorothee…

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