Just Say No Case Study

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Title of the Paper in Title Case
“Just say no” in 1982 First Lady Nancy Reagan first said those words after a school girl asked her drugs. The dare program needs to be disbanded in schools-although the theory behind the dare program seemed effective It proved unsatisfactory. The dare program has for a long time glamourized drugs by dangling the drugs like candy for the students. And actually teaching kids about the drugs but just telling the students to say no/ The D.A.R.E.® program began in 1983 when the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Unified School District got together and developed a drug abuse prevention program. It was difficult to stop drugs so it seemed like a good idea to teach kids about drug dangers. The Centerville Police Department D.A.R.E. ® program started in the fall of 1994. It reaches four elementary schools and one junior high school in the City of Centerville. The Centerville D.A.R.E. ® Officer is Officer Jeremy Brown. “The Primary goal of DARE was to teach practical peer and refusal skills.” Dennis Rosenbaum
Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice University of Illinois at Chicago points out that “Dare

Was initially designed for elementary school students specifically fifth and sixth graders over the years it developed a curriculum designed for middle and high school students. (Rosenbaum).”

Believe the dare program is not effective and never really was. Scott O Lilenfield and Hal Arkowitz argue that “all the
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David J. Hanson, Ph.D. concluded that “DARE is teaching students a falsehood. Not a single peer-reviewed published study has ever found DARE to be effective in reducing subsequent alcohol consumption or drug use.”(Hanson para 4)”. It seems very sketchy to have students be forced to say what the police officers tell them and not hear the whole truth just telling someone no just gives them the right to rebel especially with the older

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