The Importance Of Huckleberry Finn In Our Schools

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1. Huckleberry Finn constantly pokes, prods, and makes fun of many of the values that make up America. Exposing the stereotypical Christian, mimicry of one of the most iconic play writers in history, and brings to light the beliefs of right extremists (Nicholas 210).
2. On the surface, Huck Finn may seem crude and unintelligent; however, there are many underlying satirical lessons that Twain is trying to get the readers to grasp, and because of this, we need to keep teaching this book in our school systems. One reason to keep it in the curriculum is to expose the violent and fake culture of America in the 1800s. Secondly, it reassures the democratic ideals that celebrate people being themselves no matter their skin color or economical/social
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If someone reads this book without looking into what the words mean, they will completely misunderstand the meaning of what Twain is trying to say. By having it taught in the classrooms, teachers are able to go in depth with their students into the underlying meaning of Twain’s text. Together, students and teachers will understand why Twain uses specific words and diction to allow readers to dive into that time. He also satirizes many of the ideas in this book, so with the help of teachers, kids can see what Twain was actually trying to say. C. How We Should Handle Teaching Huckleberry Finn in the Classroom
1. I think that many schools should take after the Cherry Hill example. Their curriculum is a perfect example of the way this book should be taught in high school. By giving teachers a wide variety of activities, other texts that relate to the book, projects, and many other resources, teachers can create their own curriculum that is meant to be specifically for their set of students.
2. Before reading Huck Finn, students should be educated in the history of what is going on in the book. Slavery, the n-word, and the diction are just a few examples of themes that teachers should explain before reading. By teaching these beforehand, it prepares students for what they should expect in the book, and so they will not be shocked when they read the n-word over 200 times in a 300-page

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