Just Bust Is An All Ages Open Mic Essay

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Held on the first Friday of every month, Just Bust is an all ages open mic held in downtown Madison. Individuals can dance, rap, sing, or perform poetry. It is free and open to anyone who is willing to listen or perform. Just Bust is led by the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives(OMAI), whose mission is to provide innovative, culturally relevant hip-hop art programs to inspire engagement, learning, and activism for diverse communities. It is a safe environment to make yourself heard, since it is a judge free zone.

I was invited to attend by one of my friends, Jaylin, who was ecstatic to view all of the performers and chatted away as she sped towards the Red Gym downtown, located near the Memorial Union. She walked quickly in front of me, her dark hair decorated in dreadlocks and a navy blue sweatshirt covering her small frame. This wasn’t her first time attending an open mic session; she had gone to plenty and was excited that this would be my first time joining her.

I wasn’t entirely too sure what to expect from tonight. While I hadn’t seen her sing or recite her poetry before in a public setting, she did on occasion demonstrate what she had created or give out samples of what she was working on. Although she hadn’t come early enough to sign up, Jaylin still wanted to be there to encourage her new friends from Just Bust, and newcomers who were willing to take the spotlight. I was hoping to see all kinds of people in the room and find out what pushed them to come out…

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