Essay on Just As Food, Inc. Exposed

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Just as Food, Inc. exposed to the world the problems in the food industry, Fresh and Farmland provided valuable insight into farming, the good food movement, and the importance of being mindful of one’s position and role in the food industry. Fresh focused on the unsustainability of current food production methods, and used anecdotes from farmers to promote the good food movement. According to one farmer in Fresh, the fear of inconvenience has driven the food industry towards urban farming. One example early on in the movie noticed the exponential growth of chickens packed into chicken houses. Today’s chickens never see the light of day with many urban farming chicken houses today holding over 10000 chickens. The chickens are bred genetically to grow quicker and bigger, and are even bred to have the unnecessary parts of the chickens, such as beaks, are genetically altered. Urban farming has also brought greater use of monocultures, antibiotics, pesticides, and fertilizer. Livestock are not being fed the correct diets, with many herbivores having meat substituted into their nutrition. As a result of using synthetic chemicals, there has been a growth in foreign pests, microbial resistance, and disease. Monocultures, the act of growing a lot of the same species without any variation, do not exist in nature, and are at greater risk for infection and environmental problems. Not only are urban farming trends not good for the environment, but for humans, the consumers, there are…

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