Essay on Jury Systems And The Jury System

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Jury Systems in Three Different Countries The world is a large place and it has many countries. For each country to survive, there must be laws and sometimes the law calls for a trial by a jury system. However, not all countries use the jury system but a few do and this paper will show how the jury system works in the United States, Greece, and Japan. The jury systems of these countries are similar in some aspects and different in others as far as the people involved and what their job is. Simply, a jury system is a system in which people are called to sit in on either criminal or civil cases and help determine guilt, innocence or a resolution in the case. The notion of the jury trial is to be judged or assessed by your peers. A majority of the jury (and sometimes a unanimous one) is usually needed to determine the outcome of the case. The jury is supposed to be impartial and unbiased in their consideration of the evidence. The idea of the jury trial first appeared in the Magna Carta (of England) signed by King John in 1215 (US Legal). However, this first ever right to a jury trial only applied to knights and landowners at that time, not the common people (US Legal). Obviously, in 800 years, that application has changed as the jury trial can be applied to almost anyone. The United States has one of the better known jury systems in the world because of Article III Section 2 of the United States Constitution. This section basically states that all federal trials…

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