Jury Nullification Paper

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Jury Nullification Paper
Therese Carlon
June 3, 2012
Joseph Mariconda
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It will also address the strong emotions and feelings expressed by the American minorities as to whether we, as a nation, have been successful in promoting liberty and justice for all.
Does Ethnicity Influence Courtroom Proceedings and Judicial Practices A 1999 study was conducted to determine whether bias existed in the courtrooms of our nation and if so, to what degree. The name of this study was, “How the Public Views the State Courts: A 1999 Survey found: Although most Americans (83%) feel that “people like them” are treated either better or the same as others, that perception is not shared by African-Americans. Two-thirds of African-Americans feel that “people like them” are treated somewhat or far worse than other people . . . Almost 70% of African-American respondents think that African-Americans, as a group, get “Somewhat Worse” or “Far Worse” treatment from the courts, whereas over 40% of White/Non-Hispanic and Hispanic respondents have that opinion (ncsonline.org. 2009). In the subsequent 13 years, there has been very little change in our legal and criminal courts as it pertains to minorities. With the additional stigma of poverty and poorly educated defendants who are primarily minorities of mixed race and ethnic background it soon becomes clear that these cases are almost always pleaded out without ever having a jury trial (McNamara & Burns,

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