Juror 3 In 12 Angry Men

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The movie Twelve Angry Men is mainly about members of the jury and their varied reactions towards a murder trial of a young man accused of stabbing his father to death. The movie shows how their decisions are based mainly on their own characteristics and personal life experiences. The testimony of witnesses, evidences provided were taken for granted and without even analyzing the case, were ready to give their verdict as guilty, to get it done and over with so they could go about their own business. Because of one Juror and his dissemination of evidences and witness testimony, the others started to see things in a different perspective.
Juror 3 is an angry father who is shown as a rude and arrogant man. He runs a messenger service, the Beck
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He is soft spoken and looks as if he has given up on life, which shows in the way he walks and holds himself, but is observant, wise and has a fair-minded attitude and wants that justice be done. A fairly quiet person, he managed to change the minds of other jurors to vote as “ not guilty”, based on his strong arguments and by raising a number of reasonable doubts. He is the first one to support juror 8 as he feels that although at that point he thinks the boy is guilty, he did not want juror 8 to stand on his own against the others. He mentioned that he felt as if he knew the old man, who was one of the witnesses, further explaining that the old man was probably saying more than he knew because he was seeking attention so everyone would take notice of him. Juror 9 felt a connection here with the old witness, as he himself knew how it felt to be old and alone. Juror no. 9 also noted that the old lady witness, needed to wear glasses, a point he realized when he saw juror 4 rubbing the marks on his nose, made from wearing glasses, which were the similar marks on the lady witnesses’ nose. Which meant that if the lady witness was sleeping, she would not be wearing glasses and everything must have been a blur. This showed juror 9 was very observant of his

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