Julius Caesar's Soliloquy Essay

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The Roman politician and general Mark Antony, in his soliloquy following the death of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, conveys to the reader a message of agony over the death of his leader and a promise that Caesar’s death will be avenged. He offered his soliloquy immediately following a promise to Brutus and Cassius that he would praise Caesar at his funeral, but withhold any criticism of Brutus and Cassius for murdering Caesar. Antony’s purpose is to reveal his true emotions regarding Caesar’s death and his intentions for accusing the murders of treason against Rome. He adopts a vengeful tone in order to draw remorse from the audience and provide a feeling of loyalty towards Rome.
Antony begins his soliloquy by defending the recently murdered Caesar and attacking those responsible for Caesar’s death. Antony uses vivid imagery, such as depicting Caesar as “thou bleeding
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He depicts a violent future of Rome, using vivid imagery such as “domestic fury and fierce civil strife” (3.1.289) to predict what will eventually become as a result of Caesar’s death. According to Antony, Caesar was a leader who provided order and structure to Rome; without him, Rome will descend into chaos. Antony alludes to Ate, the Roman goddess of vengeance, as a means of expressing his reaction to Caesar’s death. Antony utilizes metaphors relating to animals, such as “and Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge” (3.1.296) and “let slip the dogs of war” (3.1.299), as a way to express how the soldiers of Rome will viciously and mercilessly attack the conspirators of Caesar’s murder like animals. He predicts this violence to provide a means of revenge towards the murderers. The chaos that Antony predicts will avenge the pain Antony felt over Caesar’s death. This expression of violence demonstrates Antony’s emotions regarding the death of Caesar and foretells the future of

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