Julius Caesar : The Greatest Leader Essay

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Julius Caesar was one of the most important people in Roman history. The Roman Empire would not have become as great and powerful as it did if it was not for Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was one of the greatest leaders in Roman history; this is shown through his military and political conquests up until his tragic death. Caesar was always considered very determined in anything he did. He was very involved in the military in when he was younger. Being involved in the military helped get him the position he needed in order to assert himself into politics; this was done so that he could change the republic how he saw fit.

Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 102 B.C. into an aristocratic family. Many people thought Caesar was always a privileged young boy, but this is not true. Caesar was born into a middle class family and he had to work for everything he earned; nothing was given to him. Julius Caesar was also intrigued with Roman military and at a young age, he wanted to serve and lead as a Roman soldier. Julius Caesar found much ease when it came to military conquests that soon put him in the position to lead his own men into battle. As Caesar began to mature, he had a yearning for politics because he wanted to change Rome for the better and he was also power driven to do so. Without a doubt, Caesar is the most significant figure in the history of Rome. Julius Caesar paved the way for the end of the republic and the creation of the empire under his nephew…

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