Julius Caesar: One Of The Most Important People In Roman History

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Julius Caesar was one of the most important people in Roman history. The Roman Empire would not have become as great and powerful as it did if it was not for Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was one of the greatest leaders in Roman history; this is shown through his military and political conquests up until his tragic death. Caesar was always considered very determined in anything he did. He was very involved in the military in when he was younger. Being involved in the military helped get him the position he needed in order to assert himself into politics; this was done so that he could change the republic how he saw fit.

Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 102 B.C. into an aristocratic family. Many people thought Caesar was always a
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Caesar is a world renown Dictator and General for the Roman Empire. After Caesar had returned to Rome, after fleeing in fear of his own life, he then joined the army to try and climb the ladder of power that he so obviously liked to do. Julius Caesar did extremely well when it came to military; it was very natural for him. He was very heroic in the battlefield and earned many decorations for military bravery. For example, “After the battle to take Mitylene on the Isle of Lesbos, and went on to take part in a war against pirates from Cilicia”. He was captured by Cilician pirates and held for ransom on his way. After he was released, he led a force to victory against the pirates, then—without being commanded to do so—led a successful attack against Mithradates of Pontus”. Caesar went back to fight the pirates that had captured him and imprisoned him in hopes of becoming rich because they knew he was wealthy. These two conquests that Caesar went on really helped cement himself into the fabric of politics and military life in the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was elected to office as a military tribune after his actions in the two military …show more content…
In 67 B.C. Caesar’s wife, Cornelia, died which also split the ties between Caesars family and Marius. Caesar was very quick to remarry and he still had a political angle in mind like his first marriage. “Pompeia was the granddaughter of Sulla, and Caesar wanted to establish closer ties with Crassus (c. 115-53 B.C.), a leading figure in the aristocratic party. Much similar to politicians today it all comes down to money, this is the driving force of the political world still today and it was the same during the Roman Empire in order to get re-elected back into office you had to get your name out there. For example, “To get ahead in Rome, a politician had to spend money on bribes and lavish entertainments for fellow politicians and the Roman citizens” and still not much has changed in our world today. They had to do this in order to get re-elected. Because many voters were only persuaded to vote with presents and fancy events, these elections were mainly about the flash of campaigning and no about the issues that each politician represented or stood for. During this time to stay in office you only had to please the people well enough and long enough to get their votes that is really what they were looking for because the citizens did not make the decisions other than

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