Juliet's Responsible For The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet had many twists and turns, as well as unpredicted events. Although everyone involved played some role, there were 3 people/reasons that caused the play to end the way it did. One of these reasons is the pride of the Montagues and Capulets, in relation to their parents and their stubbornness. Romeo and Juliet had a role themselves, and fate was involved in their deaths as well. All three of these groups of people were equally responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.
Throughout the play, “Romeo and Juliet,” many problems became due to Romeo and Juliet’s parents. For example, Juliet’s parents were persistent on her marrying Paris, even though he was much older than her and she had no desire to marry him. Juliet’s opinion on marrying Paris was clearly stated when she says to her mother, “It is an honour that I dream not of.”(1.3, 67) By this statement, she clearly shows that she does not feel like she is ready to marry, and doesn’t want to. Her mother could have tried to understand what she had said, yet she didn’t particularly care to any degree high enough for anything to change. Her
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Three of the major individuals or groups of people mainly responsible are the parents/ Montagues and Capulets, Romeo and Juliet themselves, as well as fate. These people are all equally guilty in the sense that they all were the cause of many events that led to their deaths. The parents/two families didn’t listen to care about either of their opinions. Romeo and Juliet were at fault since they could have done things so many different ways. Fate was also responsible because it seemed almost pre-determined how everything happened at the exact moment they did. If you truly dig deep and take a thorough look at the whole play and every event, you will see that all three of these groups were clearly the main cause of the tragedy of Romeo and

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