Journey to Iba Essay

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Journey to IBA A wise man once told, “The more difficult it is to reach your destination, the more you will remember the journey” and for a destination as outstanding as IBA, the journey is as unforgettable as it can get. However rocky and bumpy the path may be, if it leads to something astounding it is worth the ride. The journey to IBA is somewhat similar. It can push to your breaking point, make you doubt your own abilities at times and crack under pressure too but the thought of finally procuring it keeps you from giving up, helps you getting yourself together again and lets you go on with it. In the end, when you reach where you were aspiring to be, all those hardships that you went through become the rising …show more content…
It was I who thought of myself as an incompetent failure and that I was utterly incapable of getting into Bangladesh’s renowned universities. So I was willing to try out for the admission tests of private universities. But my mother’s speech of exhortation attempting to instill enthusiasm and determination in my inner self restored the belief in my potential. So the lack of self-confidence and being sidetracked phase was quick to fade away and I was back to my ultimate road to IBA.
After my Advanced level completion, I spent roughly ten months to gear up for my entrance exam which is a long period of time but I really wanted myself to be up for it to a fare-thee-well. I used to skim through the books at first to get an idea of the exam paper’s structure before I went for a course in an admission and standardized test preparation center which has a reputation of counselling their students substantially for IBA’s entrance exam. The instructors aided me in plenty different ways. With the ongoing classes, I came to know that my intimate paternal uncle was no more. We were all devastated to hear this terrible and appalling news. I went to my hometown along with my family for his funeral and to be there for his family while they mourn his sudden departure. This upsetting ordeal had hampered my studies a lot since we were away for a long time. I had missed a deal of my classes and

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