Theme Of Self Discovery In Siddhartha

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Since the beginning of mankind, humans have searched for collective actualization in order to truly understand themselves and the world around them. The concept of self-discovery is explored in the novel, Siddhartha, through the spiritual journey of the main character during the lifetime of the historical Buddha. Originally a Brahman, a member of the highest Hindu class, Siddhartha abandons his life in hope of finding wisdom and reaching Nirvana, the final goal of Buddhism. Throughout the novel, he matures by experiencing life as a Samana (a homeless beggar), immersing in samsara, and finally becoming a ferryman, learning significant lessons along the way. Through the protagonist of his novel, Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse illustrates how one can …show more content…
He realizes that “There was nothing, there will be nothing; everything is, everything has substantiality and presence" (Hesse 58). He stays by the river because he believes it speaks to him and teaches him valuable lessons that are essential for him to reach enlightenment. He evolves to realize his insignificance in comparison to the river (the world as a whole) and how the river will continue flowing no matter what. Therefore, “Siddhartha ceased to fight against his destiny” after understanding that he cannot control fate and should love the world in all its entirety (Hesse …). Thus far, he has spent years of his life unsatisfied with the world around him as he has been seeking perfection, but now he realizes that perfection has always existed as all things exist simultaneously. He matures to realize that time does not exist and his perception of the world is a choice because the world never changes or stops. By overcoming his feeling of self-denial, the essence of his previous Samana life, he ultimately reaches enlightenment. After his son’s abandonment, Siddhartha immensely suffers before realizing that his son needs to commit mistakes and satisfy his desires before discovering his destiny. Due to his growth, Siddhartha is able to heal the wound of his son’s abandonment and reaches Nirvana, the final stage of his

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