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Since August 2011, I became a customer of Capital One Bank and feel satisfy about their services for a several reasons:

1. Great employee (people)

* The branch manager has initiative to become a customer service when the queuing line for customer service was long and he gave us a complete explanation for the products. Also he gave us free T-Shirt for our patience to wait.

* The teller always asked me whether my account is okay or are there any problems. In addition, they always smile and greet me consistently.

* When I came with my family the receptionist instantly offer a candy to my 3 years old son while we waiting for customer service and this really impressed me.

2. Fast & Reliable Process

* I need a bank statement as one of the requirements to get a visa to UK for my Smith Experience trip. It only needs no more than 10 minutes to have the statement ready and the process was easy and convenience for me.

* I was ordered a specific design of debit card and when I filled in the form it was very user friendly and the card arrived in time.

* I am also using online banking through internet and I use it to pay or transfer money, all of my online transaction has been success and it’s very easy to use also very safe.

3. Well-organized office lay out (physical evidence)

* I am also impressed with the layout when we can easily go to the teller or customer service and it organized really well.

* The desk for us to fill in the
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