Josef Mengele Research Paper

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The Angel of Death
Josef Mengele was not just any doctor. He was a sick, twisted man who was infatuated with the genetics of twins, and other genetically deformed people. He did most of his experiments on Jews during the Holocaust. Mengele was the reason for many of the murders to the Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals.
In 1935 Josef Mengele got his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in physical anthropology from the University of Munich. He then became the assistant of Dr. Otmor Von Verschuer. Von Verschuer was known for his research with twins. In 1937 Mengele decided to join the Nazi party. The year he earned his medical degree he joined the SS. In June 1940, Mengele was drafted into the army, and volunteered to join the medical service of the Waffen- SS. Dr. Mengele
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Mengele became interested in utilizing twins for medical research for his old boss. Dr. Mengele was famous with identical and fraternal twins so that he could trace genetics to see where various diseases come from. Mengele performed many deadly tests on Jewish twins. Most were children (“Josef Mengele”). Twins were selected and put onto barracks. Three times a week they would march to a brick building that was described as a gymnasium. The SS kept them there for six to eight hours. They made them sit there naked while people would come and write notes. Examiners would also measure their body parts and compare them to the other twin (“Josef Mengele”). The twins were allowed to keep their hair for the first couple of weeks. After all the data was taken Mengele would kill the twins. A popular way he used for killing twins was by giving them lethal shots to the heart. It helped them to determine who died first and how long it took them to die (“Experiments”). Mengele wanted to use all of his research he got to produce his habilitation. He never accomplished his goals (“Josef

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