Combined Insurance Case

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Organization Analysis: Combined Insurance, Policyholder Service Center

Combined Insurance is part of the health care industry, and it provides supplemental insurance (health, accident, and life) for induvial, families, and organizations. It’s a big company that employs over 5000 people worldwide; the headquarters are located in Chicago downtown.
Company’s history:
 1922 Combined was found by Clement Stone. Mr. Stone started the company with a vision of “make the world a better place”
 1963 Combined expands to Europe, Britain, and Northern Ireland
 1980 Combined International Corporation is founded
 1982 the company is sold to Aon Corporation
 2008 Combined International Corporation is sold to ACE Group Company
 2015 ACE acquires
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Combined is a mature company that operates with the same methodology of 100 years ago. The company promotes its “culture” as a casual/relax environment where its people works with a positive mind that in my personal opinion is not the reality. The leadership of the company, or for purposes of this case study, I will refer to only the service department, is poor. The company’s bigger competitor is AFLAC Incorporated, which directs its services to the same community and offers the same type of insurances. Combined Insurance is struggling to overpass AFLAC, and I believe is because Combined maintains the same “operating mode” of 100 years ago; Combined does not believe in marketing and prefers to work door to door. I have been part of Combined Insurance for over 6 weeks, and I work for the Policyholder Service Center, my role is to help clients with their policies. I selected the Policyholder Service Center as the focus for this case study because as a new employee, I’m interested in learning and helping the department grow, but also because in the few time I have work here, I had encountered several situations that made me think the department needs to redesign the way it …show more content…
Each manager is in charge of about 10 employees; the manager also has an assistant/policyholder representative, and the employees report to the direct manager or the manager’s assistant. In case there is a problem with a policy or a representative cannot find information in the system, he/she should report it to the training manager in addition to his/her direct manager. The company has only one training manager in charge of USA and Canada, this person is often traveling between countries. The lack of trainers result in a delay of the hiring process, training new employees, and solve problems related with the policies, rules, and

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