John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men Essay

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When I was 7 years old, I wanted a dog more than anything. I begged and begged every day until my mom caved and bought the family a brand new mini golden doodle puppy we named Minnie. Growing up, Minnie was a tremendous part of my life in so many different ways. Even when I moved and started going to a new school and had no friends she was there. However, over the years while I was beginning to start a new part of my life beginning high school, Minnie was arriving to the end of her life on this earth, she was dying. By the end of my freshmen year, she was too sick to do anything anymore she even needed help going outside and eating, things that come so easy to all dogs. Her doctor told my mom that she would only get worse and putting her down would be the best option. I miss Minnie everyday, but my family and I did the right thing and she is in a better place now. John Steinbeck 's novel, Of Mice and Men, It portrays the lifestyle of men during the 1920’s who worked on a ranch in Soledad, California. Throughout the book, it presents the book through death. Some of these killings can be justified, but not all. In some circumstances, killings relating to assisted suicide, abortion, and euthanasia are considered as admissible killings. First of all, when one wants to end their own life, such as assisted suicide, is justifiable.. The definition reads, a doctor "knowingly and intentionally providing a person with the knowledge or means or both required to commit suicide,…

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