Essay John Reed : A Leader And A Socialist

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John Reed was an active socialist who no matter his position in life, he would always question and challenge the status quo. In the beginning of Reed’s academic livelihood, he ran into a problem that many great minds go through, where he began to notice that the school had a curriculum to create good citizens and not to stimulate the imagination (Rosenstone, 17). This shows that as Reed was growing up his mentality was to always challenge and to question what everyone is being led to know. By questioning the school system shows that a great mind as Reed will not be a conformist of whatever the media or other portray. Moreover, after Reed continuing his academia he then attended Harvard where many elitists attended and would not challenge the status quo prior to his attendance. It was at Harvard where Reed began a radical socialist movement of students that would eventually spread throughout the nation in challenging and stirring up criticism, revolt, and discussion (Rosenstone, 44). This explains how Reed was a leader and a socialist who did not conform with any institution no matter how prestigious therefore challenging and growing with supporters. As Reed was beginning to be known as a muckraker throughout many and was not afraid to challenge anyone, he then became the perfect actor to look into the revolution for the Metropolitan. While the Media portrayed Pancho Villa as a rebel, his followers and victories made Reed question why would a rebel be doing so well and…

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