John Proctor And Abigail Williams In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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When we first hear about John Proctor 's great dilemma we discover that he at one time was doing bad things with Abigail Williams. We learned that he did like her back when they did this stuff, but now he just feels very bad about the whole situation now because he knows that he could be in trouble. The girls were lying about witchcraft and when John walked in she started talking to him when she was suppose to be laying in bed. At first the conversation started and Abigail was not acting to crazy about it, but then she hears that he does not like her back and she decides to start freaking out. so, in “The Crucible” ,by Arthur Miller John Proctor 's dilemma changes throughout the story by going from regretting doing those things with Abigail …show more content…
The men who come around and get the suspected witches comes to their house and arrests her for being accused of witchcraft. The poppet that was in the Proctor’s house had a needle in it and Abigail said that a spirit had come to her room that night and stabbed her in the stomach. But, really Abigail had put the needle in the poppet to give to Mary Warren so that she would bring it to the house and they could accuse Elizabeth to witchcraft. John puts up a fight when she is going to be taken away and they bring Marry Warren down to tell the guys that it was her poppet and that she brought it home and just had the needle in it for safekeeping, but they guys could not just listen to her and had to take the lady in to the jailhouse where all of the other witches were. John said that he knew that his wife was an honest woman and that she would never do that and the guys wanted to believe him, but when they had a warrant out for the suspected witches they had to bring them in for questioning and eventually a court date where the girls that were supposively haunted would be. Towards the end of the book we find out that John Proctor then gets accused of being a witch himself because Mary Warren was suppose to help him out and say that the girls were lying, because they were, but she then gets the feeling that she cannot win and she turns on him and accuses John. John then is in jail, but Abigail pretty much says that she lied and then takes a boat out of the town. They discover a way that John can get him and his wife free by signing a false accusation that him and her are both witches, but he cannot give it to them because he cries out “it is my name that I am signing away.”

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