John K. Clark 's Don 't Wait For The Next War Essay

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As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the success of one state depends on the wellbeing of several others. The United States continuously involves itself in world affairs in order to protect and encourage growth of the state. Over the years the United States falls to war in hopes to protect its livelihood among the international and domestic community. If one state were to fall, the United States economy and infrastructure would suffer. Throughout the book, topics address the notion of the declining influence the United States has on the world. Also, how the United States can improve the current state of stability in the world without resorting to another war. In Wesley K. Clark’s Don’t wait for the next war, (the author) analyzes the United States through a liberalist perspective and effectively argues that the United states, in order to avoid war, needs to emphasize working in a coherent manner with other states in the international world; as a means to positively impact the economy, as well as improve the political impression other states have of the United States. Throughout the book, Clark discusses how globalization has intertwined the world leaving each state dependent on one another. He provides examples through personal experience and the history of the United States war and economic decisions. One instance of heavy reliance is when world powers such as China’s economy “booms, world economic growth spurts; when it slows, world economic growth stumbles.”…

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