Essay on John, How Do You Feel Today?

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John, How do you feel today?
I feel a little bit better today. I feel everything going to be fine.
Hmmm. You felt down for a while, what did happen that make you feel different today?
I find a solution that will help me. I am not worry about my depression anymore, I find a way to help myself.
John, Please describe to me the solution that you find for depression.
I think I am going to commit suicide.
So, You want to commit suicide. Do you know how you are going to do that? Yes, I have a plan to hang myself in my bedroom.
When do you plan to do this?
Probably in a couple of days, I want to arrange everything.
What kind of things you need to arrange?
Mmm. I want to make sure all the documents that my wife is going to need, there are in the place that she can find them. I don 't want to make the situation worse for her.
Have you ever attempt to hurt yourself before?
No, This is the first time that I want to do it.
John, we were talking about exception for confidentiality. By telling me this, you know that I am going to act to stop you?
Yeah, I want to do it. I guess everything will get better. But, there is a part of me that doesn’t want to die and doesn 't want to hurt my family. I guess I am telling you because I am not 100% resolved and I guess I want to talk it over.
You seem pretty serous about time table and yor plan.
Yeah. I want to do it, I am waiting for the right time I guess.
Is there anything that can stop you?
I don’t know. I am pretty sure about taking my life.…

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