Progressivism: Making A Difference In The Classroom

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I have applied for this teaching position because as a qualified teacher, teaching students in a classroom and making a difference in the lives of others; is the ultimate goal. I will also be focusing on John Dewey’s Progressivism philosophy and how it is implemented in the classroom during the teaching and learning process. I believe that us as humans do not only learn in a classroom situation via books, but I believe that us as humans learn through life’s experiences and obstacles, and that those experiences we encounter and those obstacles we face and overcome, depicts how we live our lives. Progressivism is just that. Progressivists believe that education should focus on the whole child, rather than the content or the teacher.
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John Dewey was a Progressive educationalist and a pragmatist. Initially Dewey preferred to do it “instrumentalism” because the knowledge was the “instrument” that guided the reactions between humans and their environment (Hart, R. D., 2004). Dewey believed that real problems faced or experienced by the student themselves should be emphasized, rather than theoretical problems from textbooks (Zappia, n.d.). The content should be like life, never compartmentalized, but overlapping. The classroom should be a miniature resemblance of the good life outside and should resemble real living (Hart, R. D., 2004). A progressivists school should prepare the youth for leadership and above all the responsibilities for democratic participation in our society. The teachers’ task is to provide an environment that facilitates the students’ activities (Hart, 2004). Thus, the teacher should create an environment that is conducive to developmental and academic growth of the …show more content…
Students must feel free to voice their opinion in the classroom but must keep in mind that the teacher is the superior in the classroom and must always be treated with respect. The teacher needs to focus on the students’ as individuals and their main concern should be the holistic development of the child. Parents need to be actively involved in the classroom and should always be aware of what is going on. The teacher should always inform the parents’ about their child’s holistic and academic

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