John Deer Case Study Essay

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Mohamud Hassan
John Deere case study
Due date 11/11/14

Early Supplier Integration in the Design of the Skid-Steer Loader

Scott has been offered a new position as supply management manager for a new Deere & Company manufacturing facility of designed product skid-steer loader. As part of his new job, he must make a proposal to identify specific suppliers to integrate into skid-steer loader development process and specific ways to effectively integrate these suppliers in order to meet aggressive target costs.

Scott faced many problems during his time at Deer and Company. For example, Scott is required to produce a proposal that outlines how the company is going to manage the early supplier integration into the design
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In this case Scott does not enough time because the target date is supposed be by 1998. The company requires so many criteria to fulfill in a not long time. For instance, Scott was given only 24 months to run fully operational for the entire facility. This will make very difficult for the company to make the market access work smoothly.
This issue is very important because if the market issue doesn’t work smoothly, the company might struggle in the market and does not sell more products. 3.) How Deer & Company needs to decide and find appropriate suppliers in different product?
Deer & Company’s main problem is that deciding and finding the right supplier for their product. They must improve their product features and expand product range. For example, Deer & company should consider offering a better product delivery and service for their customers because there are other competitors in the market who also offers same product. They should also lower their product price because other competitors such as Holland are selling products for a cheaper price than Deer & Company.
This issue is very important because if the company does not provide a quality product for their customers, then they might lose customers. If the company loses customers then they will struggle in the market and the other competitors will take advantage of it.

The solution to the first problem which is lacking of the market is that the Deer &

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