John Adams And The Patriot Act Essay

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John Adams passed a series of acts -- all encompassed in the title of Alien and Sedition Acts -- in 1798. These acts not only went against the first amendment, but took away the basic human rights of those who were deemed “dangerous.” These acts severely limited the freedoms of immigrants in the newly formed United States -- a country that was just built on the rights and foundation of immigrants. The acts were constructed and erected up off of the fear of a nation after a series of attacks and only benefited one man -- John Adams -- by drastically increasing his presidential power. George W. Bush, in the same vein, passed an act that also took away the rights of those deemed “dangerous” based simply on their skin color and ethnicity. The Patriot Act preyed on the fear of the American population after the attacks of September 11, 2001; a nation in turmoil after the terrorism strikes on the homeland. The Patriot Act immensely increased the power of both president Bush and vice president Cheney and the role of the president thereafter. It goes against the first amendment and against the basic human rights of those targeted by the act. The Alien and Sedition Acts are a series of acts (Naturalization Act, Alien Enemies Act, Alien Friends Act, and the Sedition Act) that made life increasingly difficult for those who were immigrants. This newly formed nation (only established in 1776) prided itself on being a safe haven for those who were persecuted and needed freedom, yet…

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