Joe Joe Joe Essay

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PAPER 2 COMPOSITION TEXT QUESTION 7 Coincidentally a year later life was going very good for the two, Joe had got his dream job they had move from a studio apartment to a larger and spacious two bedroomed apartment with an office and were planning to get married in early summer. Joe and Julie tied the knot in a small ceremony with just close family and friends. The next month Julie suddenly fell pregnant and saw this as a gift from god but when the baby was born they were soo happy they called the baby Joanne after Julies grandmother who had just passed away but soon after Joanne was born things started to go down hill. Both parents felt as though they were under a lot more stress now that they had a new baby and they both felt the …show more content…
From this point on Joe began to go downhill and fast, a friend of Joes well a man in which he tough was his friend introduced him to drugs Joe got heavily into this lifestyle and eventually lost everything, his family, his car and the house, trying to pay his drug debts. Joe had gone from an ambitious business man to become a low life junkie who was living on the streets. He was sittin down an alley way shooting up when he a small black cat walked up to him and in the dim, dark and dirty alleyway he could the eyes of the cat glow and he saw his reflection in the cats eye and he decided he would try and get his life back together so he asked around and eventually he was able to get back in contact with his wife. Julie who had not known of Joes new problems agreed to meet with him so he could see his daughter and when she saw him and began to talk to him she gave him an ultimatum either he gets his life back on track or he can never see his daughter Joanne again. Joe decided he would try and start again for the sake of his relationship with his daughter he did not want her to grow up without a father and decided she deserved the best. He also thought that

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