Essay on Job Screening Through Social Media

755 Words Mar 9th, 2016 4 Pages
In today 's world, technology dominates almost every aspect of day to day life. One place where technology is especially important is the workplace. Technology helps make almost all aspects of work, inlcuding the job hiring process more efficient. The use of the internet has impacted both employers and applicants in numerous ways. It allows for companies to search all over the country for the best job candidate and also helps applicants send out their resume to a vast assortment of companies to increase their chances of getting a job. A byproduct of this revolutionary way of hiring is job screening through social media. This is a very controversial topic that most companies partake in to help gain background information on the people they are looking to hire. Job screening through social media is efficient and has valuable information, but the ethics behind it are questionable. Some say this method is ethical while others disagree. I personally feel that job screening through social media can be ethical if it is carried out in a professional manor.

Job screening through social media is not only efficient but also has valuable information. The reason why employers feel the need to screen potential employee 's social media accounts is because these accounts give them additional information that they might not be able to gather through the interview process. Most people 's social media accounts are what they use to express themselves. This makes for a rich resource…

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