Essay about Job Satisfaction Is A Positive Feeling About A Job

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According to Robbins (2015), “Job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics” (p.73). After analyzing the data, we found out that most of the employees are satisfied with their jobs, but some are highly satisfied while some are highly dissatisfied. According to Robbins, summation of the job facets method is a better method to measure job satisfaction. Using this method, we found that employees who like their pay, got promotion opportunities, and like the relationship with their coworkers are more satisfied than their coworkers. Moreover, amount of training could also be one of the factors that contributed to the job satisfaction (Robbins, 2015). The standard deviation for job satisfaction is high. It indicates that there is a high variance in the data as some employees said they are highly satisfied while some said they are highly dissatisfied. This variance can be explained by Herzberg Two-Factor Theory. According to this theory, intrinsic factor such as advancement, recognition, responsibility, and achievement relate to job satisfaction. On the other hand, extrinsic factors such as quality of supervision, pay, company policies, physical working condition, and relationship with others, and job security are related to job dissatisfaction. They are called hygiene factors, and if they are adequate, employees won’t be dissatisfied (Robbins, 2015). In the given organization, employees who are promoted to the higher…

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