Job Reflection Essay

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Equipment and computer and programs:
To complete building the website based on my supervisor requirement, which is mainly to site up and running it as easily as possible. So, I continue using where I have been worked on for from beginning to create a website mainly for HR department in Emaar Hospitality Group. Along with this, I have used phone to call people who submit their CV’s.

As I mentioned before, I have been required to build a website for HR department. Hence, I have learnt before about the System Development Life cycle “SDLC” in this work placement I followed this to come up with website for HR department in Emaar Hospitality Group. Which in this week, I have updated and edit some information with completing the
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Where it was the most challenging part for me on this week since it was something new to try it and deal with it. at the beginning of the task I was very shy because my supervisor “Ahmed Al Ali” asks me to talk with the interviewee behind him to judge me if I’m doing well or not. I handle this situation, by advising him to let me try it alone without him so I can depend on myself and be more confidante on myself. So what he did to be sure that I will do well, he said to me “ok Zainab, since you have list of question that we had discussed few minutes ago with each other then let’s to do the interview together by phone so you well have an idea how can you deal in those kind of situation”. Which basically, sounds good to me and that’s practice was useful to me to try it and get an idea of how can I interview someone on phone. As well as, this week I have prepare document’s which called the “tracker” so every cv I got I track it in the excel file and word file too so its makes my work easier to call then and confirmed their interview by the phone also on the last day of this week I have attend interviews with people who I called them with my supervisor to get an idea and experience how its …show more content…
On the other hand, as I mention before the new skill that I have learnt is telephone skills by interviewing people who are interested to join Emaar

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