Job Analysis and Job Design Essay

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What Is Job Analysis?

Introduction In human resources, job analysis plays an important role of it. It provides information regarding positions in the organisation. It is an important topic as well as a vital employment tool which can assist with HR activities and potential and current employees, ‘Job analysis is the systematic study of positions to identify their observable duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a particular task or group of tasks’ ( Kovac,2006, p.1).

Methods of conducting job analysis
There are many different methods/ways to conduct a job analysis. It is
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The correct job design can bring the elimination of many process steps and it can help the organization to react quicker to the requests of the customers.

Job Design is affected by 3 categories of factors:
Organizational Factors:
The organizational factors that affect job design are characteristics of task, work flow, ergonomics and work practices.

Environmental Factors:
Environmental factors affect job design which include employee abilities & availability and Social & Cultural expectations.

Behavioural Factors:
Behavioural factors are related to human needs and they need to be satisfied properly. It include feedback, autonomy & variety.

Techniques of Job Design * Job Simplification: The job is simplified or specialized and divided into small sub-parts and each part is assigned to one individual employee. It is introduced when job designers feel that the jobs are not specialized enough.

* Job Rotation: Job remains unchanged but employees performing them shift from one job to the other. With job rotation, an employee is given an opportunity to perform different jobs, which enriches his skills, experience and ability to perform different jobs.

* Job Enlargement: By expanding the scope of the job, many tasks and duties are aggregated and

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