Leadership: The Concept Of Leadership According To Daft

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The concept of leadership according to Daft (2000:256) is an ability to influence the organization members’ attitude needed for strategic application. Leadership includes persuading, motivating, change to improve a company’s value and culture. Schermerhorn (2011:453) stated that leadership is a special case about interpersonal influence to push other people or other groups to do what the leader or manager wanted. Furthermore, a view on leadership is also told by Greenberg (2011:477), namely a process in which a person influence others in his group to reach the group’s or the company’s objectives. This research use leadership dimensions and indicators as follows:
1. Motivation, a person should have a desire to be
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Same thing also mentioned by Romney and Steinbart(2006:6) that accounting information system is a system which gathers, records and process data to generate information for decision making. A company’s information system is a system which identifies records, summarizes and communicates various companies’ transactions. Accounting information system varies from manual, pencil and paper system in some organization to a complex electronic system in other organizations. These accounting information systems have different styles, even though they are built to capture and report the effects of a company’s accounting journal (Godwin and Alderman, 2010:54). Dimensions and indicators of accounting information system which will be used in this research are:
1. Hardware (Turban et al, 2003:16; O’Brien, 2004:35-36), with hardware indicators as follow:
- Input department (Turban et al, 2003:16)
- Main processing and memory department (Turban et al, 2003:16)
- Output department (Turban et al, 2003:16)
2. Software (Turban et al, 2003:16; O’Brien, 2004:35-36; Romney and Steinbart, 2012:30) with software indicators as follows:
- Operating system (O’Brien, 2004:35-36)
- Programs to run the application (Turban et al, 2003:16)
3. Brainware (Turban et al, 2003:16; O’Brien, 2004:35-36) with brainware indicators as follows:
- Sources involved in the making on information system (O’Brien,

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