Essay Job Analysis and Design

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Chapter 5

Job Analysis, Job Design and Quality of Work Life

Learning Objectives • Explain what is meant by job analysis and job design. • Understand the uses of job analysis. • Describe the content of a job description and a job specification. • Discuss the collection of job analysis data. • Explain the major methods of job analysis. • Discuss competency profiling. • Understand the major approaches to job design. • Discuss quality of work life, employee participation and industrial democracy.

Chapter Outline
This chapter introduces the concepts of job analysis, job design and quality of work life. The first six sections are devoted to job analysis and examine the collection of data for the purposes of job analysis, the methods of
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Clarity and simplicity of expression are prerequisites for job descriptions and specifications. Job specifications The job specification or person specification is derived from the job description. It identifies the experience, qualifications, skills, abilities and knowledge, personal qualities and special requirements needed to successfully perform the job. Job descriptions, job specifications and unions The language used in writing job descriptions and job specifications is extremely important as it may become part of an award or negotiated agreement involving a union. Badly written job descriptions and job specifications restrict management’s freedom to change job tasks, duties and responsibilities and to assign


work to employees. To avoid disputes, it is critical that job descriptions and job specifications be clear, concise and understandable. Criticism of job descriptions The traditional job description has been criticised for being a straitjacket suitable only for repetitive work; a static written description that ignores the dynamics of the job. Job fluidity undermines the effectiveness of traditional job descriptions and means that they risk being out of date and counterproductive as guides for selection, job evaluation and so on. Thus, job descriptions are seen as being appropriate only for stable, predictable and

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