Jihad And The Prophet Muhammad Essay example

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Each and every human has a different pair of eyes that view this world. That being said, not everyone will believe in the same things as you. You can believe in many different things one of them being your faith. From the birth of Abraham, three sects of religions had stared to spread. Those three being Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All three had a chosen person to help spread the word. In Islam there were many prophets but one stood out, Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad stood out because he was the final prophet in Islam and the Quran came out after he had passed. Islam was created by the Prophet Muhammad through the revelations he received from Allah. Firstly, to start off about the prophet was born in Mecca. Throughout his lifetime he was faced with many struggles. Struggles internally and externally are known as jihad. I use the prophet as an example to show that jihad does not contain the same meaning as it does in todays society. When you look up the word Jihad it means holy war. While spreading the word of Islam the prophet went through obstacles like people throwing rocks at him, his close family dying, people wanting him dead, etc. The way he reacted and handled those struggles was with manners and patience. He did so because he knew to have faith in god. The Prophets life rebottled the meaning of jihad and this will show how much energy he put into building a concrete foundation for this religion. I say this because in response to his character we are able…

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