Jetstar and Its Competitive Advantage Essay example

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Applied Strategic Management Report

Name : Lalithaa Letchumanan
IC Number : S8852820D
Course : International Business and Management
Batch : BMGE10906A
Lecturer : Dr Eric Kuan

Executive Summary

The following report examines the organizational environment for the Australian Airline industry with particular emphasis on the task and general environment followed by analysis and findings of Jetstar Airways business-level strategy focusing on the airline’s competitive advantage. Upon concluding the research for the task environment, the main forces shaping the Australian Airline industry was the cost of fuel, this being such a key factor because it make s up such a big bulk of the expenses incurred by airlines and the subsequent
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1.3 – Project Title
The Project title is increasing the Competitive Advantage of Jetstar International.

1.4 – Name and Nature of the Company’s Business
The name of the business is Jetstar International. The Nature of this business is to provide low air fares across the Asia Pacific region using their fleet of airbuses and Boeing planes.

1.5 – Rationale for selecting the company for the project
The rationale for the writer to select this company is to have a better understanding on how a company like Jetstar International increases compettitve advantage against the major players in the airlines industry like Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Cathay Pacific. This report is based on the writers own initiative and research.

1.6 - Company’s Background – change to table form
The Jetstar Group is a network of value based carriers providing all day every day low fares across the Asia Pacific region. Jetstar Group comprises of Jetstar Australia and New Zealand operations which run Australian domestic and short/long haul international services, Jetstar Asia and Valuair operations whose partner airlines are based in Singapore supporting Jetstar’s reach into 22 Asian destinations and Jetstar Pacific which run domestic operations in Vietnam.

Collectively, Jetstar Group of airlines operate

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