Jethro Ethics Analysis

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According to Salterio and Webb, (2006). “Some people have such a strong preference for honest behavior that they will not act dishonestly even in the most tempting conditions”. Standing before God require a leader to display characteristic that glorify God. These leaders model positive moral and ethics. Fraud within accountants happens all of the time because there are some people that do not think about ethics or morals. Even managers, people that are supposed to be leaders, commit immoral acts. An example of this is when a manager is production planning under absorption costing; they may increase production when it is not needed, which then will wrongfully increase their income (Wild and Shaw, 2016). Corporations have to be very careful …show more content…
Jethro advice and model fits well in managerial accounting. In a large organization, there should be a budget committee formed of managers from every department (Wild & Shaw, 2016). In this committee, the overall financial planning can be discussed to the point that all managers are on the same page and understand their respective managerial roles. This Biblical advice will not only put in place a system of checks and balances, but will relieve upper management of the overwhelming need to micro-manage every department for every cost or benefit. Managers can report up the chain, when needed. As these managers will be coordinating the budgets within their respective departments, they should be people of character, honest and, as the Bible states “hating covetousness”. If these managers are in place, upper management and the accounting managers can trust that lower-level management is giving accurate financial numbers as business proceeds. Only with trustworthy managers (people of character) minding each department’s financial assets, being good stewards of the company’s money, and properly report financial needs and usage up the chain, can a head accountant (comptroller) accurately compile a report of the company’s financial standing. Only an accurate assessment will allow for wise business decisions. A false report of the company’s standing will only lead to disaster as leadership may be making decisions based on errant reports. So, each level of manager must report honestly and

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