Essay about Jesus Is The Most Influential Man Of All Time

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Jesus of Nazareth is most likely the most influential man of all time. The majority of events in the common era- which began with his birth- can be considered a result of his life. As the founder of Christianity, he has had billions of followers throughout the past 2000 years. The Bible- which contains four accounts of his biography- has been published more than any other book. His life and influence has lead to the founding of nations, the composition of songs, and the writing of many, many prayers. More recently, though, Jesus has influenced something very different: musical theater. Jesus has been the subject of many other performances in the past, but these recent productions heavily differentiate themselves from anything else. That is because these two productions- Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar- are supposed to take place in the present day with modern music. The rock music accompanies the modern costumes and sets. Even though these two shows are both modern takes on the life and teachings of Jesus, they are still very different. One noticeable difference is the plot, as Godspell mostly focuses on the parables in the Gospel of St. Matthew, and Jesus Christ Superstar focuses upon the last week of Jesus’ life. However, there is much more to be explored about these two shows than just these basic facts. Before diving into these two productions, the history of each must first be discussed. The story of Godspell was written by John-Michael Tebelak. He…

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