Jeremy Lin Character Analysis

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BY STEVEN.O the main character is jeremy lin. the film takes place in palo alto california.jeremy is a now a NBA player ,so he tells his story leading up to his career.he starts of by telling the audience about his early childhood,the he transitions himself to his life as a chinese american playing ball in a ivy league. BY SOME OTHER CRITIC:The story of Jeremy Lin's rise to fame is well known and was exhaustively covered in 2012. The American-born middle son of Taiwanese immigrants, he grew up in Palo Alto, Calif., and went on to play at Harvard before ending up in the NBA and eventually having a series of games that most professional athletes can only dream about. But what the documentary shows is how Lin didn't go to Harvard because that was his dream; his dream was to get drafted to play professional ball. He had hoped to attend Stanford or Berkeley or another Division 1 college, but none of them seemed interested in him, despite his being a first-team, All State player. …show more content…
He always had the talent and the drive, but, time and time again, Lin had to face and overcome disappointment. Every time he showed up on a court, odds were he'd have to deal with the opposing team's fans (or players) hurling racial epithets and insensitive jokes. Thoughtful and family-focused, Lin seems like an ideal athlete for young basketball fans to admire and respect.
As you can tell by reading my full indepth review on this film and the review by some other critic both are similar when it comes to the information given. also bothe give an insight into jeremy lins background. the difference between the two is the length and the amount of info used ,even though it is a big difference it is still equivalent to the other critic's

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