Jehovah 's Witness On Religion Essays

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Jehovah’s Witness. My understanding of this religion was a bunch of people who are very strict on their religious values and not very accepting. Everyone always said that Jehovah’s Witness would try to turn everyone to their religion. I had never heard a good story about them; such as how they always went door to door, they were persuading (some would say harassing) people, due to this fact, it caused people to dislike their religion. This was one of the reasons why I decided to pursue this religion. With myself being an agnostic person, it was acceptable for me to learn about a type of people who are strong followers of their religion. My friend Abigail’s family is a part of Jehovah’s Witness; this made me feel comfortable studying this religion because I knew I would not feel completely alone. However, I did think that using her family for an interview was cheating in a since so Mrs. Cindy, Abigail’s mom, gave me the contact information for Mrs. Nancy who was very active in the religion and had been a Jehovah’s Witness for decades. When I had got up with Mrs. Nancy, she decided the best date to meet would be September eighth. I was very excited for the interview and when the day came around, I dressed up and had brought everything I thought I was going to need. Mrs. Nancy welcomed me into her house; she had actually called Kaitlyn, another younger Jehovah’s Witness, to help with the interview. When we sat down and began our hour-long interview. I thought the best…

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