Jeffrey Dahmer 's A High Functioning Autistic Psychopathy Essays

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Since Jeffrey had that fear of loneliness he became desperate over the year. Jeffrey felt desperate for companionship with a person. Jeffrey had some issues of being rejected so to make sure the companion would not leave by morning he would murder them. Then after the murder would go to great lengths to make every trace of his victims disappear. Since Jeffrey had such loneliness and had such a hard time interacting with people many believed Jeffrey Dahmer had Asperger’s disorder. People tried to prove it through neuropsychiatric and developmental perspectives using the sexual serial homicidal behavior. Also using developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, and neuropsychiatry. Asperger’s is a high-functioning autistic psychopathy. Asperger’s can be characterized as an impairment to socially interact. Jeffrey was known to be socially awkward, which made it very difficult to make close friendships with his fellow peers. Jeffrey’s social disability kept him from participating with others and their interest. Jeffrey was interested in his bizarre isolated world he made and forced others to be a part of. This explains his wanting for others to be turned into zombies so he could make them do what he wanted. Jeffrey was also was known to have nonverbal communication. He had an unusual gaze and a lack of facial expressions, which is a sign of Asperger’s. Jeffrey had an unusual rigid body kinetics that was discovered in his early childhood. In Jeffrey’s early childhood…

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