Jefferson 's Inaugural Address : The Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Jefferson was a gifted orator and accomplished writer. Jefferson is credited as being the chief author of “The Declaration of Independence”, which is considered by many the most important document in American history. It comes as no surprise that Jefferson’s first inaugural address lives up to his legacy as a great speech that was delivered in true Jeffersonian style. Jefferson’s inaugural address was an important primary document in United States history. In his first inaugural address he was seeking to unite a divided country behind him as their elected President as well as to encourage public’s belief in a strong republic government.

Jefferson inaugural address opens with a tone that is overall comforting and confident. He starts his address with the words “Friends and Fellow-Citizens” (Jefferson) creating a personal connection with his audience. Jefferson continues in the first paragraph of the address to offer his thanks to the people assembled by saying “the presence of that portion of my fellow-citizens which is here assembled to express my grateful thanks.” (Jefferson) Jefferson continues to discuss how humbled he is at being elected to the presidency. He further commented on the fact the office of the presidency could be above him saying “to declare a sincere consciousness that the task is above my talents.” (Jefferson) He appears to be laying a foundation in his introductory paragraph to offer his service in a warm and friendly manner. This paragraph…

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