Jeannette Rankin: The Struggle For Women In The 1920's

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The fight for women’s suffrage was an ongoing topic in the United States in the 1920’s. Women’s suffrage was the struggle for women to achieve the right to vote and hold office, which was a pressing matter for women of the time. But it was soon to be that women 's lives would be changed for the better in politics, work, education, and in the home. With advances in society, some women stood up and made a true example of women’s suffrage activists and future congresswomen. Jeannette Rankin was one of those women who decided to take a stand for what she believed. She was the most influential woman of her time that made a positive impact on women 's suffrage rights and power for women in congress.
Women’s Suffrage had long materialized before Jeannette
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When she was born, little did she know that she would become the most influential women 's suffrage activist in Montana. Brought up as the eldest of seven children to a rancher and school teacher, she lived on the ranch since childhood. However her family then moved to the city so she could have the opportunity to attend public school. She graduated from Montana State University in 1902 and obtained a biology degree. Additionally Rankin furthered her education by attending the New York School of Philanthropy. Soon after she took a trip to visit her family and was intrigued by the terrible conditions which led to one of her short term jobs. This certain event drove her to a job as a social worker. This job and a few others were said to be “insufficiently rewarding” by Rankin and did not last very long. Other jobs she acquired such as a teacher and seamstress, did not fit her so she later attended the University of Washington in Seattle. This is where she gained an interest in women 's suffrage (“Jeannette Rankin”). The interest that sparked in her will help lead her to the most successful political career fighting for women 's suffrage in …show more content…
With Montana being her home state, she decided to take her stand there. When she spoke in front of the legislature, many were surprised at how well she spoke. After this, she lived in New York for a short time and worked for the National American Woman Suffrage Association, but then ended back up in Montana to help organize a campaign for women 's suffrage in the year of 1914. When World War Two occurred, she shifted her focus to working for peace. This then led her to run for a position in congress as a republican, which she won. Rankin being elected as the first women in the United States Congress, was a huge step for women’s rights. With her newfound power she pushed for peace and women 's rights. She supported measures to protect women workers by regulating their hours and pay, maternal and child health care, and efforts that would help stop prostitution near army camps, (“RANKIN,

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