Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights Movement

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There have been many important people who have impacted the United States in a monumental way throughout history. Each person who was considered to be the most influential in history has benefitted the United States differently. Out of each person’s actions throughout time, I believe the person who has had the biggest impact on this country was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I believe she influenced this country the most through her incredible efforts of supporting and leading the first women’s rights movement from the start (Davis 1). To begin, Stanton’s influence and interest in women’s rights began when she attended the World’s Anti-Slavery Convention in London in 1840. At this convention, women were not allowed directly in, thus ostracized from the events proceeding inside. …show more content…
The efforts Stanton undertook finally paid off in 1920, when the nineteenth amendment was passed. This was the goal Stanton was striving for ever since she decided to express her beliefs through establishing the women’s rights movement (Sigerman 128, 130). Some of the key aspects of Stanton’s leadership role was her positive encouragement to other women to continue to fight for their rights, dedication to securing rights for everyone, and courage for standing up for what she believed in. For instance, Stanton always encouraged future women to continue to fight for women’s rights until all rights were obtained. If it was not for her strong beliefs and determination to finally obtain women’s rights eventually, the future of women had a substantial chance of being different (Hogan, “Wisdom, Goodness And Power: Elizabeth Cady Stanton And The History Of Woman Suffrage." 12-14). Finally, the most important detail of Stanton’s leadership role was how she transformed something she believed strongly in into a movement that made an enormous change for the betterment of women in the future (Davis

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