Similarities Between Jacob Riis And Susan B Anthony

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During the 19th century, both Jacob Riis and Susan B. Anthony tried to change America for the better. Jacob Riis took photos of people, mostly immigrants, living in horrible conditions. Susan B. Anthony was a women’s rights activist fighting for women’s suffrage. Both individuals played a significant role in American history because they brought major problems into the light. Jacob Riis was a muckraker during the time of industrialization in America and he exposed the horrid conditions people lived in during this time, his work had an impact on society and the government. Jacob Riis was offered a job as a police reporter. He worked in the slums and crime ridden areas in New York City. Being exposed to the awful state of living inspired him …show more content…
Anthony played a major role in women’s suffrage movement, impacting society and the government. When the Civil War was over Anthony’s main focus was women’s suffrage. Anthony and Stanton founded the National Women Suffrage Association. Both women then created The Revolution, stating that women should have equal rights as men. This was important to the women because they worked the same jobs as men so they believed that they should have equal rights. After forming the organization Anthony gave many speeches to convince the country that women should get the right to vote. In the same manner, Anthony and other women would hold peaceful protest and they also went on a hunger strike. Anthony even went to go vote illegally where she was arrested and fined. These actions all payed off for Susan B. Anthony and for women. Susan B. Anthony met with President Theodore Roosevelt to discuss an amendment that would give women the right to vote. However, Susan B. Anthony died before women had the right to vote. Women were given the right to vote in 1920 when the 19th amendment was passed. Susan B. Anthony had a significant impact on the American government and society. Jacob Riis and Susan B. Anthony changed the views of others which led to changes in government and society. Jacob Riis uncovered the deficient living conditions for immigrants and showed the rest of America that they must improve these conditions. Susan B. Anthony established the NWSA, the main goal was to persuade Americans and the government that women should get the right to vote. Both individuals took action for the problems they wanted to change, both were

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