Elizabeth Cady Stanton And The Women's Rights Movement

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a known women's rights activist. She paved the way for the women of america, and still makes a impact on the world today. She started in a family who didn’t really value women’s opinions, and went on to co-author of the amendment that single-handedly is responsible for the rights women have today. Elizabeth cady Stanton is an example of a modern working mother and wife, in a time when those to occupations weren’t accepted.
Born on November 12, 1815, in Eastern New York, Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born eighth out of the eleven children born to Daniel and Margaret Cady. Her childhood was very dark. Only, five out of the eleven born, actually lived through infancy. After the others had died Cady’s mother and father felled
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Soon she started traveling and lecturing for eight months about universal suffrage in America, until 1880. About that time, one of her most important speeches, ‘Our Girls’, came into play mostly talking about gender equality. Also in 1880, she stopped leturing and became dedicated to her writing. Helping Anthony write two volumes of their “History of Women Suffrage”. She also co-authored “The Women’s Bible”, in 1895.
October 26, 1902, Stanton died in her home from heart failure in her sleep. She felt as if she had a life that was meant to mean something, so she made a difference. She always wanted her thoughts of equality for everyone to come true. 20 years after her death, her dreams of equality came true with the passing of the 19th amendment, which included being able to vote, no matter their
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She also made impacts on women’s rights, that still impact women today. She helped people with the same thinking actually follow through, and wrote about it. She reformed the idea of religion and how it impacts women. She was a suffragist who later married a abolitionist who later changed everybody’s opinion on how women should be treated based on the bible. While commonly Susan B. Anthony is the most common name you hear when talking about women's rights, Stanton had an impact just as big. Elizabeth Cady Stanton will forever be known as the woman who paved the way for women

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