Susan B Anthony Freedom Of Speech

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Imagine working for over sixty years to accomplish something, but you died before you could see it. This is what had happened to Susan. I decided to do my report on Susan B. Anthony because she gave women rights. She helped women to vote and have the right to speak. In my paper I will be presenting what Susan went through and what she did to help women speak for our rights. Susan B. Anthony fought sixty years for women to have freedom of speech and the right to vote. She was miss treaty and fined many times, but soon after her death, women got the rights they deserved. It all began on February 15, 1820, the day Susan B. Anthony was born. She was born in Adams, Massachusetts ( Susan didn't die until March 13, 1906, in Rochester, …show more content…
Later, they started to encourage women who are working that are excluded from some men to start to form their own associations. Then, in 1869, the men’s Typographical Union accused Susan B. Anthony of strike-breaking. They also said that she was running a non-union shop and that she was their enemy (Susan). Also, women were allowed to vote in Wyoming, the first territory to allow them to (Susan). The next year in 1870, Susan created and was elected president of the Workingwomen’s Central Association (Susan). But then, in 1872, Susan, three of her sisters, and some other women were arrested for voting (Susan). The next year, Susan was fined one hundred dollars, but she wasn't sent to prison when she didn't pay (Susan). She retired as President of NAWSA when she was 80 in the 1900’s (Susan). Later, she met with President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 to give women the right to vote ( Susan then died a year later, but in the 1920’s the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave all women the right to vote (
Susan B. Anthony spent most of her life fighting for women's rights. Although she was never able to see it possible. She spent about sixty years trying to allow women vote and have equal rights to men, but unfortunately passed away before. Fortunately, she was the first women to be honored. Susan was even put on dollar coins ( Her full name is Susan Brownell Anthony. Her place of death was Rochester, New York. Most of her life she was neglected by many men´s associations for fighting for women's rights, but she pushed through and gave us, women the rights we

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