Jay Z the Rap Artist and Business Mogul: His Rise to the Top Essay examples

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Ashley Kirkham
Human Relations
February 4, 2013
Chapter 4 Case Study Human Relations | Chapter 4 – Case StudyJay Z the Rap Artist and Business Mogul: His Rise to the TopPlease read Chapter 4's Case Study on pages 116-118 and answer the following questions: 1. As mentioned in the case, Jay-Z wears several hats with respect to the several business ventures he manages. What does this say about his time management skills? Time management means techniques designed to enable people to get more done in less time with better results. Jay-Z is known for multitasking. In the text it says research has found that people who multitask are actually less efficient than those who focus on one thing at a time. This was not the case for Jay-Z.
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He knows he can control it, and doesn’t want it any other way. He also showed that he likes improvement. He focused on improving the music industry before promoting the rapper because he knew that without the improvement the rappers wouldn’t sell well. He also seems more confident and open to try things. He became a leading entrepreneur and changed the ways rappers dressed. He knew what he wanted and he went there. 6. In your opinion, does Jay-Z have a sense of his self-concept (Chapter 3) and what do you think influenced it?Jay-Z had a good sense of his self-concept. He kept a positive attitude about himself and knew himself even if others viewed him differently. I believe what influenced it had to do with his past and his future. He went from being the drug dealer in the projects to a successful business man. I think that his mother getting him the boom box gave him a sense of who he truly wanted to be. I also think that setting goals made him think more of his self-concept and raised his self-esteem when he achieved these goals. I also believe that he probably wanted to settle down. He did this by marrying Beyonce who is also another very successful person in the music industry. |

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