Jay Does Not Feel Very Independent Living With His Mother Essay

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Jay does not feel very independent living with his mother. He has stated his interest in getting a job, however, his mother does not allow him to get a job because it will affect his eligibility for his disability benefits. It appears that he does not feel to have any personal control in making his own choices. This can be a reason in which his relationship with his mother is considered to be just “okay”.
In a person’s life course, the past shapes the future. Transitions in one’s life can affect future transitions. Jay’s transition into adulthood was disrupted by an accident that he had, which put him in a six-month coma. At this point in life, Jay might feel negative about himself due to feeling that he should have been done with high school at this moment. He might think that if he had not been drinking with his friends the day of his accident, his life would have been different right now. I have not asked Jay to reflect on his accident and share his feelings on it, yet this might be important to reflect on because this might also help me understand his current behavior. His accident at the age of 17 might have caused him to have a developmental delay. At the age of 17, the frontal cortex of his brain was not yet fully developed. According to Buschsbaum (2004), the frontal lobe of the brain is in charge of performing a lot of the cognitive functions. The Centre for Neuroskills (n.d.) also states that the frontal lobe is involved in memory function, language, judgment,…

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